HireDiversity (English)


HireDiversity is working to accelerate the successful localization of outstanding foreign talent.
It is a company that helps to add value by attracting more foreign talent to Korea.


To accelerate localization for international talent


Non-replaceable service for international talent


It is a professional career service for international students developed jointly with SKK GSB.
In 2019, it was selected as the Global No.1 MBA Career Service by the Financial Times.
We provide stable employment for companies and higher real wages for foreign workers by considering foreign visa issuance, year-end settlement, and four major insurances.
It is a service that helps registered foreigners proceed with immigration. The service is easy, quick, and flawless.
It is a service that enables you to use online banking and payment as quickly as possible in Korea through a fast administrative agency.
It is a service that eliminates information inequality in the housing market for foreign students, and makes it possible to subscribe to a residence at a "reasonable price".
You can subscribe to various Korean subscription services along with your residence. For instance, you can go on a trip on weekends and drink traditional liquor while smelling the fresh flowers delivered every month. Your life will change for the better!

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